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Welcome to Machine Girl World!
I hope you enjoy the visit, because it took me forever :p Stay around to find cool stuff I hope I can update this website regularly. I'm really into these old kind of websites as they are very nostalgic to me, and I can't wait for people all over the world to feel what it's like for me to take out my unadulterated mental anguish. I have reached my point of catharsis, and now it is time for those close to me to know of the horrors within me. Believe yourself mistaken if you suspected comfortably that you knew me,you may have seen me in front of you, thought that as your heart beated mine would do the same, but this notion is untrue, a fallacy, for I am simply not there.I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every second of it. Maybe this confession has meant nothing to you,for I have become simply an abstraction devoid of true humanity, something illusory, only for you...Hold my hand, please? You can always go back, but nobody is waiting for you. Will you forgive yourself?

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About Me
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